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Programs & Services

Community Dance Classes

NAAADT's headquarters is located in the Charles County area of  Maryland where we offer several series of classes in Africa Diasporic Dance Forms throughout the year. Click the link to sign up for one of our community classes.

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M'Singha Wuti ("of the people")

Teachers' Training for Recreational Umfundalai 

The M'Singha Wuti license is a credential that declares an artist's preparedness for sharing Umfundalai's movement traditions to recreational communities.  It demarcates an artists's rudimentary grasp of the technique and represents an inititial step toward securing professional certification.  The M'Singha Wuti Training consist four intense weekends of movement sessions and seminars followed by an "in-person" experience via NAAADT's annual gathering.

Professional Umfundalai Teaching Certification

The Professional Umfundalai Teaching Certification Program requires its participants to be teaching Umfundalai to a regular population of students concurrent with attending the program's virtual classes and seminars.  Participants must have completed the M'Singha Wuti Program and have taught Umfundalai for a few years to qualify for the certification  program.

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