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Presenter Eligibility & Guidelines

The producers and concert director of KARIAMU & COMPANY: TRADITIONS A LEGACY CONCERT will assume that applicants have ample consistent experience at mounting their work on the concert stage and adhere to the following related experience within the past two years (2022-present) and submission details as outlined in the following:

  • Applicant and their entire/complete cast must be available to attend and participate in the technical rehearsal, run-thru, and performances (which includes a choreographed bow) Thursday, June 20, 12PM – Saturday, June 22, 11:59 PM.

  • Applicant and cast must be in Philadelphia during these dates/times. (Reminder, these dates are immediately after Juneteenth.) These times are mandatory, and no other version of this strict attendance policy will be permitted.

  • Applicant is responsible for transporting, housing, feeding, rehearsing, and otherwise facilitating themselves and/or their group’s participation in the rehearsals and performances.

Production Criteria

Please read carefully and adhere to the following. Applicant's work must:

  • Be safe. Your work cannot endanger the general health and well-being of its audience. Dance attire/costumes must not leave remnant materials (sequins, chalk, beads, etc.) on the stage floor.

  • Be strong artistic work of the highest caliber.Have been performed previously in a live public performance venue. The work should match the submission video with very minor artistic adjustments and staging. (If selected to participate)

  • Be self-contained. The production team will not provide any additional production items outside of - the venue, minimal lights and sound, a microphone, and shared small dressing area.

  • Be no longer than 10-12 minutes (shorter is fine). This is a showcase performance and there are other works on the program.

  • Be a cast with no more than seven performers. (A smaller cast is fine). Back stage and Dressing space is limited.

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