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Kariamu & CompanyA Legacy Concert

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The National Association of American African Dance Teachers (NAAADT) comprises of dance artists scholars, and educators, who seek to heighten awareness and appreciation for African Diasporic Dance traditions that have been championed by African Americans artists and/or emerge from an American African Diasporic discourse.   Some of our subsidiary organizations include:


The National Association of American African Dance Teachers (NAAADT) aims to heighten the quality of African dance presentation in the United States. We support the multi-faceted ways by which African dance traditions are transmitted and scholarly activities that centralize Black dance traditions in the United States. Our services include educational programming, professional development, and performance opportunities. NAAADT provides administrative, consulting, and artistic services. Furthermore, NAAADT is the epicenter of Umfundalai repertory, namely that of its progenitor, the late Kariamu Welsh, D. Arts. We provide licenses and certifications for teaching the Umfundalai contemporary African dance technique.


What We Offer

  • Teachers' training

  • Umfundalai Teaching Certifications & Licenses

  • Community Dance Classes 

  • Performance Opportunities

  • African Diasporic Dance Curriculum Development 

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