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Updated March 10, 2024

Kariamu & Company: Traditions

On Tuesday, October 12,  2022, Dr. Kariamu Welsh transitioned to the ancestral world, leaving with the world her legacy of excellence in African dance by way of the Umfundalai contemporary African dance technique. For many years, Dr. Welsh used Umfundalai to tool her choreographed commentaries aboiut Black people in the intimate, Conwell Dance Theater at Temple University in Philadelphia.   While Welsh's legacy continues through the artistic work of Umfundalai teachers, the annual concert that featured her artistic work would cease upon her retirement from Temple University and the sunset of Kariamu Company: Traditions in 2018. Until now...

In a special, LEGACY CONCERT, Kariamu & Company: Traditions will perform again!  Comprised of a talented cast of new and seasoned Umfundalai dancers and directed by Umfundalai's senior master teacher,  Dr. C. Kemal Nance, the "new K&C" will perform two of Welsh's works including the epic Raaaahmonaaah!  on Friday and Saturday, June 21 & 22, 2024 at Conwell Dance Theater on Temple University's Campus in Philadelphia, PA. The concert will include one of Nance's works as well as choreographies by Stafford C. Berry, Jr., Erin Bryce Moran, Dara Meredith, and Danzel Thompson-Stout. The Friday night performance feature Umfundalai's 9th Teachers' Ceremony.

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